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Precision Meets Performance
Precision Meets Performance

MF VF Planters

From early-season planning to buying inputs to getting seed in the ground and marketing your crop, it all comes down to timing. So when spring rolls around, your planter must be ready to help you make the most of your planting window and ensure your crop hits its maximum potential. This latest evolution is powered by the latest innovations from Precision planting, integrated right at the factory to make sure you’re planting at the proper depth with the right spacing and singulation.


  • MF VF Planter - 12R30, 16R30, 24R30: kW
  • Features:
    Narrow transport
    Full Precision Planting
    Great seeding unit visibility
    Low maintenance
    12,16 and 24 row 76cm spacing
    vSet with vDrive standard
    DeltaForce standard
    Floating row-cleaners standard
    WaveVision seed tubes
    Controlled by 20/20 Gen3
    More specifications in the brochure

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